While the sales environment is salient, I would hesitate to claim that ISTE as a whole is not educational, reflective or collaborative. On the contrary, I think there are many aspects (perhaps smaller in scale and more subtle in their impacts) which offer space for educators to collaborate and reflect and learn (poster sessions, playgrounds, dinner convos). I believe that attendees from a variety of edu spaces come to ISTE to do more than consume — consider the vast number of presenters. So while we are being critical, I think we also need to be careful and nuanced in doing so. 16000 individuals means too many varied and unique agendas to throw together in one big lump. My “stubborn optimism” is showing here. Sweeping assumptions are loaded.

Leadership Coach, Educator, Workshop presenter & facilitator, avid reader & writer @ home on the edge of the alps. Publisher of "Identity, Education and Power"

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