Dear Rafranz,

This is an important communication and I thank you for it. You are in fact one of those people on my list: one of the people I followed early on, listened to and watched closely. And as you are doing here, you invited me in: into the conversation on Twitter, into using my voice.

While my field is not edtech, per se. So much of my learning over the last 4 years has come from folks in ed tech and through my willingness to enter various conversations, to raise critical questions and listen to the responses, I have developed my own path in education circles and been invited to join various communities in collaboration.

The power of invitation is stronger than we may realize. This has been my greatest lesson in the time since we’ve become acquainted. I learned that I could move beyond my role as consumer, follower, commentator. Rather, I began to create my own things, initiate my own activities and invite others to join me. It has been a process that has taken time, energy and benefited from lots of support along the way. As you suggest here, we need to get into the habit of seeing and testing our potential rather than just wondering ‘what if.’

Your post speaks specifically to bridging that gap in the ed tech field and I can only underscore that it is very true in other areas of education. While it may not seem that more edtech doors are opening for diversity, rest assured that your contributions all along the way do a great deal to widen existing openings and encourage others to notice that their doors have yet to open fully.

Ever in awe,


Leadership Coach, Educator, Workshop presenter & facilitator, avid reader & writer @ home on the edge of the alps. Publisher of "Identity, Education and Power"

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